Reptiles That Start With X

There are not many reptiles starting with X, and the ones that do exist can be quite mysterious. A popular example is the Xantus’s Murrelet, a small lizard commonly found in Mexico and California. Another fascinating creature is the Four-lined Neck Turtle (Xenagama taylori), which lives in African savannahs and boasts four visible stripes on its back.

Perhaps the most peculiar of them all is the Salmon-bellied Crocodile Lizard (Xenosaurus grandis). This reptile looks like both a crocodile and a lizard, growing up to two feet long and usually inhabiting Central America although sightings occur occasionally in Florida. Scientists believe they mainly feed on insects yet their exact diet remains unknown.

One endangered species unique to Canada’s temperate rainforests is the Xuwtuw’skwtsa (oo-too-skahts) salamander. It sports eye-catching patterns of yellow, orange, and blue that set it apart from other amphibians; if you come across one take photographs instead of attempting to capture it!

Though there may be limited choices when it comes to reptiles beginning with X, they are still fascinating creatures worthy of learning about. With further research more facts will be revealed about these individuals as more discoveries await us!

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By Cristian Gonzalez •  Updated: 02/05/23