Reptiles That Start With S

The letter S brings to mind common reptiles, but there are some less-familiar critters out there worth exploring. Let’s look at three of them!

First off is the tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus), believed to have been around for over 200 million years. These small New Zealand animals have an unusual spikey appearance and reside mostly underground or in tree hollows, coming out mostly at night.

Next up is the Redfoot tortoise (Serpophaga gularis). Native to South America, these creatures can live up to a whopping 40 years and are omnivores – eating both plants and insects – making them manageable for captivity. Just be sure not to overfeed them though!

Finally we have skinks, which come in many varieties including blue-tongued skinks and Alligator skinks, named after their rough scales that resemble an alligator’s hide. These reptiles prefer burrowed soil and feed primarily on slugs and other small bugs; they make great pets, as long as you give them enough space!

So there it is – three lesser-known reptiles starting with “S” for your next science lesson!

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Cristian Gonzalez

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By Cristian Gonzalez â€¢  Updated: 02/05/23