Reptiles That Start With Q

Are you looking for something unique? Look no further than animals beginning with the letter Q! Take, for example, the Quinkana, a large Australian reptile resembling a typical lizard that can grow up to two feet long and weigh nearly five pounds.

Its long tail allows it to grip onto branches in trees where it makes its home. Another Australian native is the Quokka, an ancient mammal that dates back fifty million years.

Contrary to other creatures from Down Under, this species is not territorial; rather, they actually enjoy interacting with humans and even seek out campsites in search of food scraps or just for leisurely strolls!

No less stunning is the quetzal – a tropical bird located in Central America and Mexico whose green feathers are adorned with beautiful hues of gold, red and turquoise along its tail feathers.

Unfortunately, due to their dwindling numbers caused by hunting pressures, protective laws must be put into effect for these special creatures.

Queen snakes also make great conversation pieces; these non-venomous serpents are found primarily across North America but some may extend into Europe as well. They feed on amphibians such as frogs or small rodents and can make wonderful pets if given proper handling and care.

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By Cristian Gonzalez •  Updated: 02/05/23