Reptiles That Start With P

Panther chameleons are lizards with huge crests on their heads and the ability to change color according to their environment and mood. These reptiles can display a range of vibrant hues such as red, orange, yellow, and green. In addition, they have spikes and horns that give them a miniature dinosaur-like appearance.

Inhabiting regions abundant with vegetation near rivers or ponds, Plated lizards can reach up to three feet in length and feed on insects, small mammals, eggs, amphibians–even other lizards at times.

The Pelusios family includes several species of African turtles that won’t exceed eight inches long when fully grown.

Fairly popular as aquarium pets due to their colorful shells, Painted turtles may reach as much as ten inches in size once mature; thus it’s important for potential owners to provide an appropriate sized tank before bringing one home.

Python Regius snakes often appear intimidating due to their immense size–some specimens reportedly exceed 20 feet in length–but it is important to remember that these snakes are nonvenomous.

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