Reptiles That Start With O

We have four fascinating reptiles that start with the letter O to discuss. First is the Ornate Box Turtle, which hails from the central parts of the United States. It can be found in a variety of habitats, such as grasslands, woodlands and forests, and it has a yellow-orange shell with gray-brown skin on its head and limbs.

The Ocellated Lizard or Eyed Lizard is native to Central America and Mexico, usually near rivers or streams in tropical forests. This species can be easily identified by its bright blue body and orange spots around its eyes.

The Olive House Snake originates from parts of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. These nocturnal creatures are skilled hunters that seek out small critters like rodents or lizards at night in dwellings like farms or abandoned buildings.

Lastly is the Ornate Hingeback Tortoise which inhabits various regions across Africa including savannas, grasslands, forests and wetlands. The presence of vegetation cover offers protection against predators like jackals or hyenas while using its tail as a hinge when pulling itself into its shell for defense when threatened.

Do you know of any other reptiles which start with O? Let us know in the comments!

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