Reptiles That Start With J

We have some incredible reptiles beginning with the letter J! One of these is the remarkable Jacky Dragon, native to Australia. These unique little creatures are capable of altering their hue depending on the temperature – they may appear greenish-brown in cooler weather and almost black in hotter climates.

Another fascinating reptile is the juvenile Alligator Snapping Turtle, which has a beak-like jaw for catching its prey – usually fish and invertebrates but sometimes lizards and snakes too. It’s nocturnal, so it spends its days hidden in mud or underwater vegetation and comes out at night to hunt.

The Jamaican Boa Constrictor lives in nearby rainforests where it hunts rodents, bats and birds, as well as iguanas. If left unchecked, these snakes can reach up to 8 feet long! Their powerful bodies enable them to crush whatever they consume.

Finally we have the Japanese Giant Salamander – one of the largest amphibians on our planet, growing up to 5 feet! They inhabit rivers near Japan, as well as China, North Korea and Taiwan where they feed off insects, fish, frogs and other small animals beneath water level. Unfortunately due to habitat loss their numbers have drastically decreased recently so let’s help spread awareness of this amazing creature!

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Cristian Gonzalez

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By Cristian Gonzalez •  Updated: 02/05/23