Reptiles That Start With H

Do you wonder what reptiles begin with the letter H? Many exciting creatures have this initial, such as Holbrookia, or the Greater Earless Lizard. These lizards are small in size, measuring up to 6 inches long, and lack an external ear opening.

Another reptile is the Horned Lizard; its body is adorned with horns and it can puff itself up with air when threatened.

Lastly, there is Hemidactylus, commonly known as the House Gecko. These geckos thrive in warm climates around the world and favor human homes due to plentiful hiding spots and a wide selection of insects for sustenance.

Remember all these incredible reptiles that start with H when someone asks about words beginning with this letter!

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Cristian Gonzalez

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By Cristian Gonzalez •  Updated: 02/05/23