Animals That Start With Th

Have you heard of the thylacine? It is another name for the now-extinct Tasmanian tiger, a marsupial with stripes resembling those of tigers and was the largest carnivore alive today.

The thorny devil, found in Australia’s deserts, may not look friendly but is, in fact, harmless. Its body is covered in spikes that give it the resemblance of a mini dragon!

In Southeast Asia stands Thomas’ langur or Thomas’s leaf monkey which loves to explore and play in trees. But be careful – their sharp claws can be dangerous if you get too close!

The three-spined stickleback fish is seen in oceans and freshwaters throughout Europe, North America and Northern Africa – an indication of their successful adaptation!

Finally, there’s the tahr which resembles both a mountain goat and an antelope. The male tahrs can reach up to 250 kilograms in weight and inhabit rocky areas of the Himalayas. However, they are also very protective of their territory so take caution when approaching them.

Cristian Gonzalez

Howdy! I created this website to learn all about the amazing creatures that are the animals. I have two cats called Santiago and Valentina.
By Cristian Gonzalez •  Updated: 01/30/23