Animals That Start With Ch

All of these animals beginning with “Ch” are captivating creatures that never fail to impress!

Cheetahs, with their black tear-like streaks gracing their faces and the ability to run up to an astonishing 65 miles per hour, are the fastest land animal on Earth.

Chinchillas boast impressive jumping abilities and a divine fur. The Chinese water dragon is another remarkable creature – a large lizard found in Southeast Asia that excels at camouflaging.

Not to be outdone, the Chilean flamingo stands apart from other birds, flaunting its unique pink plumage and signature long beak and tall legs.

Cristian Gonzalez

Howdy! I created this website to learn all about the amazing creatures that are the animals. I have two cats called Santiago and Valentina.
By Cristian Gonzalez •  Updated: 01/30/23