Turkish Van Cats

The Turkish Van cats originated from Turkey, and were named after the Lake Van. Some assumed that Turkish Van cats got its name owing to its extraordinary likeness for water. Turkish Van cats, in contrast to a majority of other breed of cats, gets really cheerful and loves to take soothing dips in the water at any.

Anybody who is actually looking for a Turkish Van cat might have a difficult time searching for it, since this variety is typically found in Turkey and the inhabitants of Turkey give a lot of importance to the Turkish Van breed. It is worthwhile to add that it will be awfully odd that a Turkish Van cat would be allowed to be exported to any other country from Turkey.


Turkish Van cats can be easily set apart by its strong body, wedge formed head, its elongated bushy tail and gorgeous round eyes. Its eye color generally varies from gold to blue and even green nowadays. Breed associations on the other hand do not look upon this distinctive green color positively. Turkish Van cats are also differentiated by the exceptional pattern of marking on its body. With a pure white body, the Turkish Van cats will have typical colored spots on its head and tail. These colors can contrast from auburn, cream, black, blue and even tortoiseshell. Numerous associations allow these variations of colors, but other most likely stick to the exacting guidelines and believe only colors like auburn and cream as pure.


Turkish Van cats are very smart and easily adjust with its new home and owner. Turkish Van cats are those types of cats that love to go with people wherever they go. They love to play around, jump and explore new things that are within its reach. Turkish Van cats are really energetic, but they also need their sleep to regain that energy. These kittens just love baths and will be more than happy to join you in your tub, or just show you how they swim in your sink. Many Turkish Van cats would love to fetch you particular objects of interest as well showing a dog like trait.

However many Turkish Van cats show the trait that they used to depend on in order to survive. This breed has also known to enjoy its time alone as well. These cats will love to have a few toys of their own for pure entertainment. However, it should be kept in mind that Turkish Van cats are not the type of cat you would like to choose to cuddle in your lap, as you watch television.

Taking Care of Turkish Van Cats

Grooming is definitely an important part of your Turkish Van cat’s life and the best part being grooming their beautiful long hair coat, with its amazing silky texture that never really gets tangles. But, grooming at least once a week is required to get rid of the loose hair, dander and other debris.

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By Cristian Gonzalez •  Updated: 08/08/23