Tiffanie Cats

Tiffanies are also famous as Longhair Burmilla cats. It is an extremely graceful, great looking cat that has a friendly and very loving persona. It has now become an uncommon breed, but has always had a dedicated following.

Tiffaine cats are a product of the cross breeding between a Chinchilla and a Burmese, a cross involving such great cat breeds resulted in nothing but the finest. Tiffanies have their own very unique characteristics from the cross of two great cat breed parents. Tiffaine cats have a very distinctive body configuration of the Burmese with its facial markings analogous to those of Chinchilla.


Tiffaine cats were a result of cross breeding between the Chinchilla and the Burmese breed that eventually resulted in the birth of the finest of cat breed, mixing the unique attributes of both the parents. Tiffaine cats are medium sized, which makes it an excellent gift option. Taffiane cats have very beautiful and fine shaped ears, with a pointed apex on top, along with a magnificently sculpted facial form. Tiffaine cats get their remarkable features from its Chinchilla parent.

Tiffaine cats are covered by a long coat with different color contrasts. At times some kittens are born with light coats. Variable colors are frequent on the Tiffaine breed such as white, blue, chocolate, lilac and even red. Its heavy coat that covers the whole body extends all the way to the tail. The gorgeous coat is knot free, silky and soft.


Tiffaine cats are very easy going, extremely flexible and accepting in personality. Tiffaine cats can easily live with other pets in the house, they are extremely friendly and this friendly co-existence is most particularly seen with dogs.  Tiffaine cats are spotted roaming around without causing any harm to other creatures in its surroundings. Tiffaine cats are remarkably intelligent, loyal, playful and friendly. These cats love to be the centre of attention of its owner, but are not particularly very demanding for care.

Tiffaine cats, because of their adapting and extremely friendly nature, make good companions for those people, who live alone and are not home through the day.


As with all the breeds of cats, Tiffaine cats will need a visit or two to the veterinarian for issues regarding matters such as vaccinations, worms’ checkup, and mites in the ear or merely digestive problems. Feeding the cats scraps from the table might be a cause of loose stools, which given in a situation of cats with long hair can be a big problem. Avoiding cheap quality food for your kitten will save you from a lot of problems such as kidney and urinary tract issues and also guarantee shiny eyes with lesser hairballs and healthy silky coat which reflect a well kept healthy Tiffaine kitten. It is always beneficial to discuss with your veterinarian the perfect diet for the health of your Tiffaine cat.

But the most important aspect in the health of this pet is adequate attention, love and care.

Cristian Gonzalez

Howdy! I created this website to learn all about the amazing creatures that are the animals. I have two cats called Santiago and Valentina.
By Cristian Gonzalez •  Updated: 08/08/23