Singapura Cats

Singapura kittens are one of the smallest breed of cats having large ears, and eyes, brown ticked coat, and a blunt tail.  As the name suggests, Singapura kittens are from Singapore, where the ancestors of this breed were found. This breed was found in Singapore first, and then in 1970, three alley cats were brought to Singapore by Tommy and Hal Meadow from US for cross breeding. These three cats became the foundation of Singapura cats. Later on a Singapura solid colored skin kitten was produced by recessive gene of solid color. The next progress took place when it was found that these kittens originated from Abyssinians, Burmese and Siamese cats. In 2007 DNA tests showed that Singapura kittens are not a natural breed.

Singapura kittens are known for their smaller heads, large ears and eyes.  They are moderately stocky, and muscular, small – medium sized kittens. Males weigh 7-8 pounds and females average 5-7 pounds. The head is round; nose is broad, moderately short with a blunt top with dark pigmentation. Ears are large and broad, muzzle is square. They have large eyes, with a dark outline around them. Eye colors are mostly yellow, hazel, green and amber. Forehead is signed with “M” letter. Legs are relatively small, and the upper legs are striped. Tail is slightly short, slender with a blunt tip.

The body coat is ticked tabby, silky but short, lovely, sleek and close lying which sheds when stroked. You usually need to rub down with chamois weekly to keep the coat shiny.  Chest, muzzle and chin have light band colors of ivory and cream. Usually Singapura kittens are recognized by sepia agouti color; dark brown ticking on ivory ground color, with intense shade of brown with ivory color background. Coloration is the main factor in distinguishing Singapura kittens. Pattern is generally ivory colored, often with sepia brown ticks. Some Singapura kittens have solid colors, but some kittens are found in brown/beige ticked colors also.

Singapura kittens are friendly pets who love people. Affectionate and outwardly loveable, they are perfect house cats who love humans and have no interest in going outside to play. They are so playful that they remain playful throughout their life. Even an old Singapura cat enjoys playing games throughout the day. These are gentle kittens that enjoy sleeping in the owner’s lap or on the shoulder. These kittens are inquisitive and mischievous; they investigate everything that interests them. They get on well with other pets and children. Their voice is delicate and warm, and they express their appreciation when they spot their owner. With soft and little voices they can question and answer people. They instantly identify and adopt the habits and hobbies of people around them, and can make fun at their expense by imitating them. Due to their enchanting personalities they always want to entertain their owner. Singapura kittens have the ability to bewitch anyone within reach. In Singapore, Singapura kittens are known as “kuchinta” meaning “Cat of Love”.

Cristian Gonzalez

Howdy! I created this website to learn all about the amazing creatures that are the animals. I have two cats called Santiago and Valentina.
By Cristian Gonzalez •  Updated: 08/08/23