Siamese Cats

The Siamese kittens are extremely attractive cats with beautiful large blue eyes, prominent dark colouring areas on the body such as ears, face and tail, its smooth vocals and a life expectancy that is longer as compared to other breeds of the cats. Siamese kittens are the most primitive of all the domestic cats. In the olden days, Siamese cats were considered to be the pets of the palace, and worthy companionship of Siam’s monarchs and holy leaders. Some researches point out that the Siamese breed came into notice in 1350, but were not widely displayed as they were mostly kept in the confines of the king and the royal family. However, the first Siamese kitten was exhibited at Britain in the year 1871.

Siamese kittens are generally shorthaired; the CFA has acknowledged the Siamese kittens with blue point, lilac point and chocolate point. However, other breeding associations have also recognized other colours such as red point, cream point, fawn point, tortie point, lynx point and cinnamon point as Siamese cats.


The most characteristic feature of the Siamese kittens is the colour points that are present on its body. The entire coat of the Siamese kitten is light in colour however; there are points on the coat that are darker such as the face, tail, paws and the ears. Studies have shown that these points of colouration are due to the imbalance between various genes that control pigmentation, increasing the colour at certain points of the coat. Siamese kittens appear to be extremely elegant with a sophisticated slender body which is fairly long. The head tapers into a wedge shape, with beautiful large almond shaped slanting eyes and pointed ears. All these features put together with the gorgeous pattern on its body makes the Siamese cat one of the best looking in the feline breed.


Siamese kittens are gifted with the ability of great communications skills with their owner; they are extremely social and rely on human beings a lot. Siamese kittens are exceptionally good-natured, full of energy, intelligent and faithful pets. They need a lot of attention from their owner, and cannot be left on their own for a very long time as they long for attention and care. Siamese kittens are generally very loving and loyal pets making it almost impossible to keep your attention away from such beautiful, amazing and active pets as they make the atmosphere so full of life and fun filled.


Siamese kittens are short haired cats so they do not need a lot of attention towards their grooming. Their fur usually remains tangle free, and you will rarely see any loose fur on your furniture or fur ball formation. Siamese kittens do not necessitate regular visits to the salon, and their most darling grooming tool is most certainly your hand.


Siamese kittens and cats normally remain healthy and are less likely to catch infectious diseases however; some cases of gingivitis, amyloidosis and cardiomyopathy have been reported.

Cristian Gonzalez

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By Cristian Gonzalez •  Updated: 08/08/23