Scottish Shorthair Cats

Also known as the British shorthair, this is a domestic cat breed, the features of which make it a popular breed in many of the cat shows. It was basically a breed that was brought to Britain by the Romans; it was then interbred with wild native cats. In order to improve the thickness of their coats, they were later crossbred with Persian cats.

Breed details

Scottish Shorthair Kittens have dense coats that are of crisp or crackling sensation (refers to the way the coat breaks over the contours of the body of the cat). The eyes of the Scottish Shorthair Kittens are large, round and widely set and there are a variety of colors that can be seen in them. However, copper or gold eyes are known as the most common ones.

The heads of Scottish Shorthair Kittens are round with chubby and full cheeks. Their bodies are also quite full, and these kittens develop into sturdy, muscular and cobby built pets. Moreover, the breed is found to have a broad chest, while their shoulders and hips are comparatively short. They have round paws and a plush but not a fluffy tail. These kittens may grow up to a maximum of 20 years.

Specific varieties

The Scottish Shorthair Kittens come in a variety of colors. For many years, the blue variant was considered to have been the most common type, leading to the occasional name of this breed as the British Blue. Even though blue still remains as one of the most common colors, there are other famous colors too such as black, blue, white, cream, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon and fawn. This British shorthair can also be bred in ‘self’ color, which is single toned, and other colors such as color-point, tabby, bi-color and shaded patterns. It must be noted that all these colors come in tortoiseshell pattern, which is basically a combination of cream and red, along with other colors.

Behavior details

Scottish Shorthair Kittens are an easy going breed. They have a very stable character because of which it is very feasible to keep them as indoor cats. They are also an ideal choice for apartment living, as they are not very demanding. Moreover, they are not that much hyperactive, so their owners should not be into worry.

However, Scottish Shorthair Kittens are pets that love company and like to be paid attention to. They prefer to sit closer to their owners, but do not usually sit in their laps. These Scottish Shorthair Kittens have a tendency to interact with other animals and are very happy to simply laze around the house.

Specific care

Scottish Shorthair Kittens may not require a lot of grooming, as their fur does not tangle easily. However, it is advised that the fur should be brushed particularly at the time when there is a seasonal shedding of hair. When kept indoors only, Scottish Shorthair Kittens are prone to develop obesity, so regular care should be taken with respect to their diet.

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