Russian Cats

Also known as Russian Blue, Russian Kittens are from a cat breed which has a silver blue coat over it. Considered to be as highly intelligent and playful, the Russian Kittens are very active but tend to stay timid around strangers.


As mentioned, Russian Kittens are highly intelligent, curious and tranquil animals. They are quite sensitive to basic human emotions and have been known to play fetching games. Not only this, they enjoy playing with toys and develop an extremely loyal bond with their loved ones. The Russian Kittens are known for getting very well with other pets and children in the household.

With the strangers, the behavior of Russian Kittens remains reserved and they remain quiet around their company. However, exception goes for those kittens that belong to a very active family. They may sometimes sit in front of the owner’s computer screen and may also love to play with other small pets.


It has been proven by anecdotal evidence that Russian Kittens are better tolerated by those individuals who have mild allergies. There is a speculation that these cats produce a glycoprotein which is a source of allergy being transmitted to humans. The thicker coats also keep the allergens close to the skin of the cats, thereby giving them more chances to transmit the allergies.

Growth and maturity

The Russian Kittens may grow up to an average life of 10 to 15 years. They may not show any health problems, because these kittens are not produced by genetic combinations with other breeds. The kittens grow up to become moderate sized cats with an average weight of 8-12 pounds when they are fully grown. Moreover, the male kittens are typically larger than the female ones.

Physical appearance

The Russian Kittens have a lean and elongated body which is covered by a short, plush and a blue gray coat. These Kittens have a bluish gray coat and it is their dilute expression of the black gene present within them. The coat may appear to be a single one but is actually a double coat; the undercoat is soft, downy and equal in length to the outer ‘guard hair’, which is of an even blue color with silver tips on it. It must be mentioned here that it is only the Russian Kitten and the French Chartreux that actually possess these coats. These coats are described as coats that are wonderfully soft to feel and touch.

Russian Kittens should not be confused with British Blues which are not a distinct breed and are rather considered to be a sub-breed of British shorthair. These British shorthair breeds come in many varieties and patterns, which may look exactly similar to Russian Kittens, but the difference should be demarcated with the help of an experienced pet dealer.

Also known as the Archangel blues, the Russian Kittens are not just confined to Russia now; they have now spread worldwide and are available easily.

Cristian Gonzalez

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By Cristian Gonzalez •  Updated: 08/09/23