Birds That Start With X

Two birds that start with the letter X can be seen: the Xantus’s Murrelet and the Xema Sabini, also known as Sabine’s Gull. The Xantus’s Murrelet is a small seabird found in islands from British Columbia to Mexico; it has dark gray, brown and white feathers, with black legs and feet.

The other bird, the Xema Sabini, is a migratory species commonly seen in northern Asia during breeding season, as well as coastal waters around Japan, China and the Korean Peninsula in winter. It presents brownish gray feathers marked by black-tipped wings and a white head featuring a black line extending from its bill to its eye.

When sighting these birds, make sure to take advantage of this opportunity and snap a photograph!

List of birds that start with the letter X

  • Xantus’s Murrelet
  • Xema Sabini

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