Queen Snake Facts for Kids

Queen Snake Facts for Kids Source: Flickr

Queen snakes are an interesting species, with an appearance that combines snake and royal elements. On average, they measure around three feet in length, making them relatively small compared to other snake species.

One of their more notable characteristics is the hissing sound they produce when threatened or trying to mark their territory.

Their diet mainly consists of rodents such as mice and voles, although frogs and other reptiles may be eaten in times of need. Insects and earthworms are also consumed occasionally.

They live mostly near wetland areas close to streams or rivers, and tend to be most active during spring and summer months. Their nocturnal lifestyle involves them sleeping throughout the day before becoming active at night for hunting food.

These reptiles have many distinct features that set them aside from other snake varieties. Not only do they have a vibrant coloration, but also their hissing sound makes them easily recognizable if encountered in the wild.

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By Cristian Gonzalez •  Updated: 02/01/23