Quagga Facts for Kids

Quagga Facts for Kids Source: Flickr

Have you ever heard of a Quagga? If not, then here’s the lowdown. These magnificent creatures were once related to Zebras and native to South Africa.

However, they had fade-away stripes and were smaller in size than their modern relatives – roughly the same as a large pony or small horse.

When compared to today’s Zebras, Quaggas tended to make quieter noises such as neighing with occasional snorts and whinnies. As for sustenance, they mainly grazed on grasses and vegetation found in their environment, although they would sometimes scavenge off dead animals.

Unfortunately, humankind has intervened by hunting down these precious animals – sadly resulting in their extinction in nature. It is utterly heartbreaking how people can be so careless when it comes to looking after other species inhabiting our planet.

Cristian Gonzalez

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By Cristian Gonzalez •  Updated: 02/01/23