Learn About Animals for Kids

Animals are truly remarkable! From the largest elephant to the tiniest ant, each species has something special about it. Here are some awesome animal facts for kids that will blow their minds!

Did you know that sloths can sleep up to 18 hours a day, more than any other animal? Even so, they still wake up occasionally to eat leaves. Penguins have flippers instead of wings which they use like a boat motor, allowing them to swim through cold waters with ease. Plus they look really cute when they waddle around.

To survive extreme temperatures, animals often adapt. Camels, for instance, can go long periods without water due to their bodies being able to store enough fluid for days (or even weeks). Also, they have fur on their feet so hot desert sand won't hurt them.

Dictionary of Animals

Types of Animals

Explore the amazing animal kingdom! All these creatures encompass the marvelous animal kingdom surrounding us each day. Who knows how many new critters will still be uncovered?


Mammals, such as bunnies and cats, are warm-blooded creatures with fur or hair that look after their young.


Birds possess wings and feathers, some species even have the ability to soar through the sky.


Fish come in various shapes and sizes, they breathe through gills.


Amphibians like frogs and salamanders dwell on land and in water.


Reptiles have special layers of skin to help them stay warm.


Invertebrates such as insects, snails, spiders, and worms lack a backbone; many live in soil or aquatic habitats.

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What Can We Learn From Animals?

Bees are truly remarkable creatures, endowed with an incredible sense of smell that could detect scents from miles away. Scientists study their collective behavior in order to gain insight into the functioning of animal societies. Dolphins also form complex social structures, consisting of varying hierarchies and individual roles. Astonishingly, they will even lend a helping hand to other dolphins when they're unwell or injured!

Animals have much to show us about the importance of working together and can encourage us to reflect on our own interpersonal relationships within families and communities. All life forms possess unique attributes that bring beauty to the world; birdsong, whale melodies - all can be enjoyed if we take time to listen to nature's orchestra.

Fun Facts About Animals

Lizards may be able to regenerate their tails if they break off; beavers construct their dams with twigs and mud; the sense of smell in hippos is incredible - they can pick up scents from up to three miles away! Owls have great vision when it's dark, but not so much in brighter conditions. A collective of crows is referred to as a 'murder'. Hummingbirds beat their wings incredibly fast, almost at the speed of sound - 80 times per second! Monkeys often use tools to find food and sometimes even consume alcohol. Penguins don't stay in cold weather all year long; some species take a trip down to Africa during the hot summer months.